Wednesday 25 March 2020

Film Review: "Wrath" A 230 Mile Record Run Attempt in Scottish Winter

The Cape Wrath Way trail is a well known trail, stretching from Fort William to the very tip of Cape Wrath its self finishing at the light house. The film was taken across some of Scotland's most beautiful scenery. When Summit Fever Media contacted me to review another of their films, I obviously said yes. I have been privileged once already before ("Underdog" Click Link) and watching many of their other films such as Last Woman Standing and their Spine race coverage every year, I was excited to see what they have produced this time. 

So the description from SFM Website:

"In December 2018, Damian Hall and Beth Pascall attempted to break the Cape Wrath Trail self supported 'fastest known time' [FKT) of 7 days, 9 hours and 31 minutes. The Cape Wrath Trail is notoriously wild, remote and inhospitable, the terrain it winds through is regarded as the last true wilderness in Britain. Their attempt takes place in the depths of winter when there is only 6 hours of daylight each day."

Local spectators pic by SFM
It starts with Damian and Beth introducing themselves and why they are doing the run. Letting viewers to get to know them a little prior to the pair setting off on their adventure across the Highlands. The nice thing about it, is they are very humble about the whole situation and you don't get that eliteness you sometimes get from athletes of their standard.

As they make their way in darkness to the start point via a boat trip and get into their adventure, their light hearted humour made me smile. It also sets the tone nicely for the rest of the film.

Beth Pascall and Damian Hall pic by SFM
As they both progress, the filming has a mixture of type of filming. They film themselves and narrate what they are doing and how it's going, as well as the film crew interviewing and film them from another prospective. The whole process gives you an eye opening viewing of not only the feat of endurance, but the Cape Wrath trail brutality and beauty.

You do get drawn into it, although not to the extent that you're willing them on but where you actually wish you were going on the adventure with them. You see all the self supportiveness, as well as what it really takes to nail a FKT. Running and moving for a long period with very minimal sleep, and then the joy of finding a place to kip with a mattress along the way.

Glenfinnan Cape Wrath pic by SFM
230 miles of winding trails, climbs, bogs, river crossings, Deers and darkness. The grit from the two runners show, but also the utter team work of both of them working together to achieve this FKT. You see the ups and downs of them both whilst the viewer gets to watch the stunning beauty of the Cape Wrath Trail in winter.

The pair sleeping along the way for very short period of time, but the joy they find in staying in a hut that has a couple of mattresses also shows that simple things as this can make a big difference in the mind set of a runner or runners undertaking this FKTs.

I truly loved the way these two fabulous runners gelled together, and the film just made me wish I could've joined them (although I'd probably would've slowed them down for the FKT lol) When a trail running film can give you such a warm fuzzy feeling, you know they have nailed it, in my opinion.

Lighthouse approach pic by SFM

So when not go and watch it for yourself and enjoy every minute. I know I will be watching it again and again. See film here <<<<<<<

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