Wednesday 20 March 2019

10 Things I Hear As A Fat Runner

Most people who know me, know I admit I'm no Mo Farrah in stature. It's always something I have to deal with, being a short arse as well, weight never looks great on me. It's just something I have to deal with. The weight comes and goes, plus I love my food. 

Anyway I thought I'd write the 10 things I hear often said to me when people who don't know me very well, hear I'm a runner and the type of events I run. 

1. No offence but you don't look like a runner (always a winner this one, starting with "no offence")

2. You? You run?

3. There's no way you can run that far

4. Have you just started?

5. Is it harder to run being a larger person?

6. Why aren't you skinny?

7. You should try Slimming World or Weight Watchers. 

8. I can't even drive that far

9. Don't you get bad knees

10. You have cake after a run? (Yep I have heard this a few times)

I once saw on an American Running Forum which I'm not a member of, mentioned me and that I was too thicc (fat) to be an Ultra Runner. No idea how I've made it across the pond.

I never claim to be the fastest, the best or even any good at my sport. I run, that's just what I do. I used to be really really fat, now I'm just not as fat as I used to be. I've always said people are welcome to join me on runs, if they're faster than me, then they'll either have to loop back or run slower. If I'm faster than them I will run at their pace. 

Just because I'm not physically slim doesn't mean those like me are not runners, as long as both feet are in flight as you move, you are a runner regardless. So whether you are skinny, large, tall, short etc etc if you run, you are a runner. If someone is out there running, encourage them don't make them feel like shit, at least they're trying to make a better version of themselves.

I just love to run

#GoTailwind #UglowSports #StitchFree 

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