Thursday 7 November 2019

Product Review - Waterfly's Fanny Pack

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So recently I've been asked to do a review on a bit of kit by Waterfly who specialise in packs for those who enjoy the out doors. I was sent one of their packs for reviewing. Now I've not worn a "fanny pack" or what we call it here in the UK a "Bumbag" for some amount of years, when I say some amount I mean since the 90's, so I was a bit dubious but on first impressions it didn't look like the type I used to wear back in the day. It definitely looked a little more outdoorsy. 

I was able to take it for a test during my travels with work out to the USA, where I'd be travelling to a couple of air ports out to my destination and the same on the return journey. So it was the perfect opportunity to see if it was suitable for my needs. 

Being able to carry the essentials with ease, is definitely something I look into. If I don't need to keep going into my carry on ruck sack, and have my stuff readily available the easier the travel it will be. 

Me in 1992 with a Bum Bag

So this version of the pack was pleasing on the eye to start with, the colours available are simplistic and the occasional patterned but nothing overly garish. I liked the colour of the one I had, there is plenty of pockets and storage for what I'd say the pack is used for. 

For my travels I had my passport, phone, currency and travel details. The pack sits very comfortably around the waist, which has as you would expect an adjustable strap. You can get an extension so if you wish you wear it over the shoulder like a sling pack, then you can. I'm not exactly a slim build man, but I never felt uncomfortable with it on. The next pack up has a head phone access point as well for those wearers still using wired head or ear phones attached to their phones. I'm wireless so couldn't test this out and give you an opinion on this when it comes to the wire and wearing of the pack. 

The Front View

The pack as two small pockets on the front, and two larger zipped pockets. on the back of the pack there is another zipped storage area, which I used for my currency. The strap itself has a strong clip, and is easily adjusted. The quality of the pack and strap is very good, and I hardly felt it on my person as I wore it. 

It weighs only 150g so quite a light pack, with it's main features being a large double zippered compartment, two extra from pockets and a hidden zippered pocket on the back. The main pockets fit most modern phones this included my iPhone X to give you and idea of size. The strap extended from 24 inches to 43 inches. 

It isn't something I'd wear on the run personally although they mention on their website you could go "jogging" a term I hate, but definitely recommend it for trips out hiking when you're not requiring to take a lot of stuff or day trips out and about. 
Hidden Rear pocket ideal for currency

At a price of $17.99 or in our money £14 ish depending on exchange rates at the time, I think it's not bank busting. It could make a perfect birthday or Xmas present for some one who likes to travel or even hike. 

Overall, I think it's a pretty good pack for the purpose it is designed for, their other packs are worth a look at as well and I recommend hoping over to their site and having a look  click here take advantage of the 15% Discount using Waterflyoff15 code. 

Thanks for reading, until next time.


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