Friday 1 April 2016

How the bad news inspired me!

As most of the regular readers would've known in 2014 I was given the news that one of my best friends was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Although it was him who was diagnosed to me and his other friends from Cornwall it was like we were all diagnosed.

It hit us all in different ways but we all knew there was little we could do to change it. He was like our brother to us, we'd been in fights together (not starting them but defending each other), drunk together, fallen out, there for each other when times were tough. We looked after each other no matter what.

The news inspired me to do things I never thought I was capable of. Yes I knew I could run ultra marathons but I never knew I could push my body so far. I just wanted to make my body broken, in a state I was tired and in pain as often as I could so I could feel that little bit like what he was feeling every day. It was my way of showing him he wasn't alone with his fight, except we knew that it was me that was going to survive at the end of it all. Whilst doing all this I wanted to raise more awareness of his type of cancer and some money so maybe one day it may help someone else.

His fight inspired me to go beyond what I thought was my limits! I've yet to reach my limits and despite on Monday 21st March 2016 receiving the news my friend Phil has finally become pain free and is now looking down on us, I am continuing doing what I do best and that is running. With plans in full swing for next years epic #YOLO7dayUltra 2017 it's going to be another amazing adventure.

Along the way I'm again running ultra's using them as training for the big adventure and I've not set myself another challenge along the way. 6th November is Phil's birthday, he would've been 35 years old this year. On his birthday I will be starting a 35 day running streak. Day 1 is 1 mile, Day 2 is 2 miles and so on. On the 35th day I will be running 35 days for his 35th birthday. It's going to be tough, challenging but I will suceed!

So to my friend, my brother Phil thank you for inspiring me to push my self and achieve so much which in turned so I have been told has inspired a lot of others to do the same since. Until we meet again

Phil Corbett 26th Nov 1981 - 21st Mar 2016

Thank you


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